Name:  Rex 
Breed:  American Bulldog Mix 
Age:  2 years old 
Sex:  Neutered Male 
Organization:  It's The Pits 
Phone: 858-484-0985

Rex is a 2-year-old American Bulldog/Pittie mix for adoption from It's The Pits Rescue.   When they initially rescued Rex, he had to have entropion eye surgery to correct a horrible, painful condition in both eyes.  The vet then discovered that he had a mid-grade heart murmur, so Rex underwent a successful heart surgery.  He also has a mild form of epilepsy which is treated with medication.  It's well-controlled, but there is a possibility of seizures.  He's a super mellow guy who loves everything: cats, dogs, kids. They even use him to calm the other nervous dogs at their adoption events.  He currently lives with other Pit Bulls, and a kitty, all of whom he loves to sleep and cuddle with. He'd do best in a home WITH other pets.  He's not a super active guy...he'd rather have a picnic with you on the beach, than go on a hike or run.  Vigorous activity just isn't his thing...he's a complete couch potato who loves long naps. Rex is a great ambassador for the Breed, and would enjoy accompanying you everywhere you go.  Please fill out an application at


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