Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit

If you like adventure and you can't be without your cell phone, this is a fantastic tech item for you. The Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit is a USB solar powered charging kit that juices your phone while you're hiking, backpacking, in your car. Power it in the Sun, store the power and use it when you need it for your phone, ipods, ipads and cameras and it even has a flashlight built in to search for your belongings in the dark...check out the link below for more information.

Sand Flea Jumping Robot

The Sand Flea: This device has many possibilities. Not available for purchase but how great for our military. It is a small remote controlled 4 wheel vehicle, that can jump 30 feet up by launching itself from a built in piston. It can climb rocks as well. Put a camera on this baby or a weapon and you could have some serious firepower without risk to human life...check out the video below...

Get The Best Deals on The Web, One at a Time

There is a website that has captivated my spending money for a few years now(since 2007).  It’s called and once you see a deal you can’t pass up, you’ll say “Woot! That is a good deal, I better buy that.” From that point on, you’ll be hooked.

The basics are as follows: One item a day(in each category), no matter what it is, you can buy up to 3, shipping is $5 total, weather you buy one,two or three. At the moment I’m writing this there is a nice deal on 40" 3D TV for $549.00 with $5.00 shipping. Not too shabby. I would recommend you subscribe to the site, so every night at 10:00 PM pacific, you’ll get one email showing the daily deals. That way, you’ll never miss that golden opportunity. You can also get notified on your smart phone as an app instead of an e-mail.

I’ve listed a few things I’ve purchased over the years so you can see how much I love this site. What you can’t see in this list is how many I bought, for example the HP Pavilion PC listed was actually two computers, that my buddy and I both wanted, so we split the shipping.  I do a lot of Christmas and Birthday shopping here to save my lazy butt from a lot of footwork. Check it out, but be patient, that deal you can’t pass up, WILL come along.                    



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