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I usually spend my hobby time(this blog) telling people about great smart phone apps and ways to use their smart phone. However, today will be a little different. I’m going to tell you how to get the kind of cellular reception you need to actually use that smart phone all the time.

First off, I know, I was skeptical too. I always thought these smart phone antennas were a scam. Please read on….

I met this guy traveling across mountainous Oregon and in the middle of a brief conversation I was complaining about my smart phone have one bar of service. Which for a smart phone means basically “no service”. He sympathized with me and told me he used to have that same problem. Of course I took the bait, “How did you fix it?” I asked. He began explaining about this little device that plugs into his car and has a little magnetic antenna. It comes with a “cradle” that accepts the phone and it boosts the signal coming from the phone. I said “My issue is I can’t get the signal from the cell tower”. He said that’s actually a misunderstanding of how cell phones work. He told me the name of said device, I wrote it down and began my research as soon as I got home.

I was amazed that what he said was also supported on the web. The issue I’m having (showing zero to 1 bars at times) is because the phone is sending a signal that is too weak to reach a cell tower.  The tower is so far away or my phone just can’t push a signal “over the mountain” that is in the way. The Wilson Electronics Signal Booster takes care of about 90 percent of my issues. I rarely lose all of my cell signal now and the spots I used to have 1-2 bars, I now have 3-4(that’s right, full bars much of the time).  So I can tell you after almost a year of road testing 5 days a week I’m totally sold.
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There are a few choices and even some in home cellular boosters that have great reviews. Some of the auto choices seem to be focused on 3G, 4G and if the booster also does Verizon LTE(4G).  If you order from Wilson Electronics they all come with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you don’t agree with me and nearly everyone that has tried these, just get a refund. I’ll attach the Wilson Electronics video and a few links to Amazon (including the one I bought). If you ever have signal issues, I would give this device a shot.

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