Tech Tuesday with Clint August

I’ve seen many like this in crowd-sourced fundraising, but this is the first that I decided to help fund. The concept: You put a little tag(like this one) on an item, such as your keys. When you get too far away from that item your smart phone alerts you of that fact. Simple enough I think. The reason I finally jumped in for this one, It will also alert you of the last know location. So lets say I put one on my work keys(what I plan to do) and I go away for the weekend. It will alert me, I’m leaving my work keys behind. I’ll ignore that alert. When I get home exhausted and can’t remember where I left my work keys, the XY software will show me the last know location(in case I’m out of bluetooth range when I’m looking). For $17 I had to give it a shot. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I would have easily paid $17 to find something I had misplaced.