Men Spend 40 More Minutes on the Toilet Per Week Than Women A new survey found that even though men have the ability to pee standing up and women don't, men spend MORE time per week sitting on the toilet. Apparently they just CHERISH the time they get in there? Men spend an average of one hour and 35 minutes on the toilet per week, or around 14 minutes a day. Women spend 40 minutes less on the toilet per week, at 55 minutes . . . which is about eight minutes a day. I actually spend double that on the toilet per week...TMI??? 86% of men say the toilet is the place where they get MOST of their reading done . . . versus just 27% of women. The top things men like to read on the toilet are EROTIC MAGAZINES, sports biographies, crime novels, and men's magazines. The top things women like to read on the toilet are home and decorating magazines, romance novels, gossip and celebrity magazines, and fashion magazines.