Tech Tuesday With Clint August and MySmartPhoneStuff

Some people are just finding out that owning a Google Email account and especially owning an Android phone means you have “history”. If you want to know what you searched for 2 years ago, it’s there under your “only you can see this” part of the account. To me that means “only you can see this, unless the Government is curious or you get busted for something”. The one item I’m going to focus on today is your Location Tracking. By the way, iPhone users, you’re being tracked as well(click the second screenshot below).

To see your Location History go to Location History (you’ll have to sign in again). Once logged in, you’ll see a calendar on the upper left. Click any date from the past and you’ll see it update as to where you were that day. Keep in mind the tracking is often using cell towers so it can be off by miles sometimes, but still shows you a basic(sometimes very exact) idea of where you were and what time you were there. You can’t shut this off. BUT, you can pause it. Click the gear icon on the upper right. Click History Settings, then click Pause. Google will warn you that things may not work as intended with your account(think apps that use your location). They give you this warning…

“Pausing Location History means we won’t store new location data with your account. Pausing does not delete your existing Location History data, which still can be used to improve your overall Google experience. You can view and manage your Location History data on the Location History website.

Pausing Location History also does not turn off Location Reporting, or location services for your device. Learn more

That’s about all you can do to limit the tracking features on your smart phone. Besides not using a smart phone, Gmail or iTunes account. On the flip side, if you want to see if your kid(or teen) was where they were supposed to be, now you know how.

Google Location history

My trip to San Diego for The May Ride 2014, tracked by Google


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