Tech Tuesday With Clint August and MySmartPhoneStuff

So you broke down and bought your kid(or teen) a phone. I know, I know, so you’ll know they are safe. Well, how long did it take until they didn’t respond to a text or call right away? You know, they way they “have to” get back to their friends right now or they will just die. I find that kinda funny. Kids(or teens) have the phone with them uninterrupted, unless you text them. Then the phone was in the backpack for two hours. Ya right!

A mom/developer has come to the aid of every parent that broke down and bought their kid a phone. With IgnoreMeNoMoreApp you can remotely lock the phone so it’s unable to make any call except to you or 911. You set it up yourself and it seems to be pretty simple. If they don’t return a call or text you can lock that phone up, except for call you or 911. Click the photo below to go to the app’s website.