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Special thanks To: Law Tigers
Photographer: Francis Gamboa Photography
Model: Isabel Martinez
Bike Owner: 2006 Victory Vegas
Location: San Diego Indian and Victory
Hair and Stylist: Melody Bennett
Guitar Riff: William Walsh


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Izzy and the Victory Vegas - Babes and Bikes    Izzy and the Victory Vegas - Babes and Bikes    Izzy and the Victory Vegas - Babes and Bikes    Izzy and the Victory Vegas - Babes and Bikes

This week features a 2006 Victory Vegas owned by Gary Saffle. Gary is new to San Diego and just moved here from Reno to manage the new San Diego Indian Victory downtown. Gary was kind enough to write us a nice little article about the bike and his favorite routes. We think he may have a future in being an editorial writer for Babes and Bikes!

"Everyone that rides has a core founded on the passion of the road and the art of the bike. My own journey started when I was 15 following in my Uncle's footsteps building custom bikes. Today, it's my goal to find that next rider, that next San Diegan to share my experience and passion for the road."

"While the bike is a 2006 Victory Vegas, the bike is uniquely mine. There's custom flames on black, chrome skulls project an attitude, while the 106 cubic inch motor and custom short pipes that give attitude and makes a loud statement of power."

"Being new to San Diego, I've found out right away that this area was made to be a rider's paradise. Asking what's a rider's favorite route, is like asking what's your favorite bike. They each serve a purpose and a unique something for that moment. But since you asked, I do enjoy the PCH anytime, whether on a Victory or Indian."

Our model this week is Isabel Martinez. We've shot with her before and she's always a pleasure to work with. Izzy went to school for 2 years for modeling and acting and is an avid make-up addict. In her spare time she dances (hip-hop and jazz) and she uses it as a way to cheer herself up. A few of her role models are Cara Delevigne, Barbara Palvin, and Model/Actress Eiza Gonzalez. Her tip for any aspiring models is, "Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it! You will always receive negative comments and you need to learn to use those to push yourself in a positive direction and prove the negative people wrong!"

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