Listener Rebecca and her boss have been heroes! They found these little babies dumped by their owner and they were in terrible condition! They work for a property manager and her boss stepped up to cover the vet bills for these angels...and we are DESPERATE TO FIND HOMES....PLEASE SHARE ETC. Here is  a little more info on this horrific story. There were 4 little chihuahuas (ages 6 weeks to 6 years old)  outside in the backyard. One of them had holes in both sides of him from being attacked by something. Another one is so skinny it could barely walk. The mom and baby were just looking so sadly. Their medical care, shots, deworming, blood tests, and 10 days of boarding at the hospital for them to receive the medical care around the clock has been paid for.  They need homes as soon as possible!  Please call (619) 922-4441 if you or anyone you know is able to help adopt/rescue these little sweeties.