A wonderful human being named Ana rescues desperate animals on the streets of Ensenada with her own money and resources...and she has rescued COUNTLESS ANIMALS.  Can you assist with anything... money, supplies, and especially homes...permanent or foster?  You can't save unless there is a home waiting.... Animal rescue is a grueling experience, both emotionally and financially....and you have to applaud people who take the time, money, patience, and many times, the heartbreak, trying to undo man's damage.  PLEASE READ BELOW....AND PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN...this is a message from my rescue circle. 

If anyone can save a life please please do. Ana works tirelessly to save the street dogs in Ensenada but without homes she cant continue saving lives.Donations for medical and food would also be very welcomed by Ana if anyone wants to donate a little something. I am fairly certain her paypal is her email which is ana-luisa-vb@hotmail.com


happy new year all u my friends. i have been soo quiet becouse i need to vacinne dewormed and rabies to all the babys i have 12 including two mine i am desperate but will wait until o vet them..some of them need second and to do all this including some medicated bath  i need unless 300 dls.

our hillway ensenada to rosarito goes down and cars goes down 40 mts. and the new hillway. is dangerous too since this hapen i am trying place them here but believe me is not good soo i will be brave to take the new ugly road will send photos to u and will vet the ones get rescue first i dont like that way but would be more easy to me ok? please we dogs and me need help..

photos are..gotita.sandra.licha.densel.edgar.paquito.chiquilin.mike.kasu..

i have also max the one owner is dieing to cancer her husband donot answer me more the phone i have to wait little more but dont know how much time..

thank u so much and god bless u to all u do for me and my street angels.


Networking will help save more lives-HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!  ANY QUESTIONS...PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME coe@101kgb.com    THANK YOU