Everyday, it is becoming more of a challenge for me to find funds, resources, contacts and support to maintain Coe's List and make it be an invaluable tool in connecting people, organizations and animals. I always need money in the coffers to support people and the hardships they go through, I need resources i.e...if someone can guide a person through loan modification in order to prevent a foreclosure. I need animal fosters and loving homes for the many, many animals in need. I need to know of good organizations who help others as well. Basically, I need everything and I need help all the time.  If you can help Coe's List fly the flag of goodness, hope,  and help...I would be so grateful. My email is coe@101kgb.com  and I am always ready to try new things to help you the listener, your organization, or the animal in need.  THANK YOU