Depression is real, it hurts, and it can drive you to a point of despair where you think there is no hope, there is no way out, and that the world would be better off without you. I take it VERY seriously because I battle chronic depression every single day of my life. If I can reach one person and save their life...then I have had a great life.  YOU ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR!  Please reach out so we can PULL YOU OUT. You are not alone and there is help. What you are feeling is very real and so scary. You get in a black hole so deep that you are too tired and too weak to crawl out of.  Pick up a phone and let someone help you out. YOU ARE NOT ALONE>>>>>>REMEMBER THIS.  Reach out to the numbers and resources below....


I LOVE YOU, YOUR FRIENDS AT KGB LOVE YOU, AND THE WORLD NEEDS YOU. You have love to give, hands to hold, stories to tell, advice to give and so much more. Please....reach out. I promise it will be okay....from one friend to another. 

Devotedly, Coe


San Diego Access & Crisis Line
Phone: (888) 724-7240

Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week
The San Diego Access and Crisis Line serves as a suicide prevention/intervention hotline. It provides mental health crisis intervention and information and referral to mental health services in San Diego County, including referrals to mental health care professionals who accept Medi-Cal and those who do not have health insurance. It also provides information and referral to County Drug and Alcohol treatment and recovery services for adults, adolescents and pregnant and parenting women who are receiving Medi-Cal or who do not have health insurance. Calls are FREE and answered by trained professionals. Service is available in multiple languages.