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Posted July 7th, 2014 @ 9:51am

KGBERS...It amazes me that I have to remind fact, many people remind people every single day...DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN OR PETS IN THE CAR ....ESPECIALLY IN THE SUMMER!! I am not a fan of ever leaving your pet in the car...but the people who say..."I was just running in and out"...or "I cracked the window" are putting their kids and animals in HARMS WAY.  Death by heat exhaustion is one of the CRUELEST deaths an animal or person could EVER endure.  Animals will try to bite through steel to get relief and get out of a car if they are trapped. And children are burdened with being strapped in!!!  It only takes minutes to kill a child or animal or grievously injure one.  San Diego Animal Control responds to at least two calls a day!! can people have NOT made the connect that trapping a child or an animal in the car is a death sentence.  And it is a horrific death. In minutes, a car can reach into the 120's!!! DO NOT EVER LEAVE A LIVING CREATURE IN A CAR IN THE SUMMER....EVER...EVER!  Just a suggestion, I carry a couple of brick in my car.  God forbid you ever experience seeing a child or pet trapped in a hot car...time is NOT on your side. Save them first, and call 911 immediately.  Do not wait around hoping that someone shows up.  TOO LATE....Do something first....pour water inside the window, or better yet, break the window and deal with the consequences later.  It is my opinion that the "law" doesn't come first when something is in peril and dying.  BE PROACTIVE...AND LOOK AROUND WHEN YOU just may save a child or animal.  And maybe you should carry a couple of bricks to help you smash a window.  THANK YOU AND PLEASE SHARE....

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