Hey angels....we have "situation" where a longtime KGBer relocated to improve things for his family and his new company has "renigged" on their agreement to pay for the family relocation expenses!!!! WHAT???? David moved to make more money for them, and now has even more money to cough up then ever imagined, so his family is literally STRANDED here. The amount needed is about 2k and they even were desperate enough to go to Crowdfund to raise money!  I mean, for shame on that company, but back on point, we need to act fast before another rent hits sinking them faster into financial hell.

A little history on David and his family, they have volunteered tirelessly for others, as a family, they have raised funds for organizations and walk in true faith of doing the right thing. So I hope that if you have the means in any capacity to help, it will be going to a very worthy family.  Thanks for hearing my plea for them....:0) Click below for all the info.  Thanks my KGB angels!