You know...divorce for a child or teen is an extremely traumatic life-event. Though it happens to 50% of couples in the U.S., the pain is real, it's all-consuming and can really put a child or teen in torment and impact their lives dramatically, and mostly not-for-the-better. Divorce can trigger all sorts of difficult issues like depression, anxiety, insecurity, troubles at schoo,l and troubles with relationships.  It is a very serious problem for children in America and the world, for that matter! Be proactive, and help your child  or children,ages 4th-6th grade, by getting them to participate in a workshop to help them cope with the stress and emotional upheaval of divorce or separation.  They can learn and gain tools to understand and process their emotion.  Sign them up for the tbd start of KID'S DIVORCE SUPPORT GROUP AT ESTES THERAPY...3333 Camino del Rio S. #215.  For start