Mick is a 14 month old boxer mix who is up to date on all vaccines & rabies, license, & he's already neutered. He loves other dogs and he especially likes the small ones! He loves everyone, including kids, and also likes cats! He was rescued from a very neglectful home where he was in a backyard 24/7 with nothing, and nobody. He is a great dog!!!! He needs basic training, hes still a pup who was never taught anything! Hes a very fast learner, sweet, and smart. He Knows sit, lay down, stay, hes getting better on the leash everyday, and almost perfectly housebroken.


Mick would like to be joined by his best friend as well...Valentino the cat!

Please call:
if you are interested in adopting Mick or Valentino 

You can also adopt Mick's new best friend, Valentino, this handsome tuxedo kitty was rescued on Valentines Day. He was nearly hit by a car, the car went over him, but, the tires missed him!!! He will be neutered this weekend and also get all his vaccines. He is young, probably a little under a year old.. he is very affectionate, cuddly, and talkative. He likes calm, friendly dogs, he and Mick are best friends and he gets along with 3 other cats! Hes mellow, and really just wants love, and to snuggle! He's simply adorable!!

Here you can see both Mick and Valentino cuddling together! Please help to find these two find a loving home!  Thank you so much!