Hi friends...I want to get the word out (and I will have more info forthcoming) about a little terrier with special needs who needs LOVE and a FOREVER HOME or long-term foster.  Here is a note from Jan:

"We have a special needs dog in our rescue right now that we are looking for a special long term foster for.  I am hoping you can help us with this, once we provide you all of the information.  He is a small terrier (15 lbs?) and very cute, with a white mohawk on his head.  He was in the Santa Maria Humane Society Shelter for over a year before we took him.  His problem is, he will start snarling and growling at his back legs and then spins.  When we first got him, it was multiple times a day.  He is being treated now and he is better, but he still does it.  It can be very upsetting to witness.  I am cc’ng Courtney so that she can tell you more about him and provide pictures because he requires a foster who is patient and kind with a quiet home."


None of us are perfect, and we ALL have issues.  This poor lil angel just needs love and care to ease the issues.  Can you please open your home and hearts to this baby? Thank you KGBers and thanks Jan!


Contact Jan O'Connor ALMOST HOME RESCUE   joconnor@qualcomm.com