You  know, it is incredibly tough to be a teenager today. Day in and day out, kids are bombarded with messages about their body, money, drugs, sex, you name it...they are OVERWHELMED BY IT.  And in this horrid materialistic world we are forced to live in...the message is, if you don't have any money, you can't go to prom, or at least feel confident enough to go if you don't have beautiful clothes. Not any more with the Princess Project.  If you have a dress you would like to donate to wonderful girls whose families are not able to financially afford a can make dreams come true.  Girls who couldn't afford to otherwise... get to go to Prom, through your generosity.  Donate gently used formal clothing to these locations:


Heritage Cleaners 9122 Fletcher Pkwy, La Mesa

All Cole Fine Flooring Locations

Sister Dolores' Thrift Shop Boutique 293 H St, Chula Vista

El Cajon Library 201 E. Main St. El Cajon

South Chula Vista Library 380 Orange Avenue Chula Vista

Christina's Fashions 681 Palomar St, Chula Vista


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