KGBERS...MAY I ASK FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE FOR A FAMILY DISPLACED BY THE POINSETTIA FIRES PLEASE?  My friend John Van Zante of Rancho Coastal Humane Society forwarded this urgent plea. 

Here's the information that I posted earlier about the family whose house burned leaving them homeless with 3 dogs. THANK YOU for all you do for animals!

When the fires raced across San Diego County your Rancho Coastal Humane Society opened its doors to the pets of evacuated families and to a nearby animal shelter. One family brought us their 3 dogs and told us that they weren’t just evacuated….their house had burned down.

The rest of the pets have gone home, but these three dogs have no home. Their family is having a hard time finding a rental that will take their 3 dogs.
They need a rental with 3 bedrooms and a yard located between south Oceanside and Del Mar. It will be at least a year before their home will be rebuilt.

If you have a rental that would work for them please contact Amy Heflin at the RCHS Animal Safehouse program at or call 760-753-6476.

Even if you don't have a rental or information for them....please Share. Someone you know might have just what they're looking for.