Friends, can we rally around someone going through such difficult times?  Thank you.

Hi Coe
My name is Julie. I live in Pauma Valley in a campground in a cabin with my fiance Bucky.
We recently met a lady (through walking our dogs) who is in need of help. She lost her husband of 40 years suddenly to a fatal heart attack. They owned their own landscaping business and were living in a nice trailer on the property in which he worked (along with his other jobs)
1 week after his death, the owners of the property asked her to kindly leave. She is now living in the campground with her 2 cats & 1 dog. She has been desperately looking for a job with no luck. She is behind on her trailer payments 2 mos. They are threatening to repossess her trailer if she doesn't come up with $900 ASAP. She is a wonderful person & will be living in her car soon if she can't come up with the money.  She is 59 years old & She is more than willing to work. Can you help?


You can reach Julie at    THANKS KGBERS