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Apparently P Diddy Ain't Zeppelin!

Apparently P Diddy Ain't Zeppelin!
Posted April 5th, 2013 @ 7:08am

Here's a few more "First time I heard that..." where what I heard was not the original, yet that's still what I think of first!

Doesn't matter how many times we play it, whenever Mellencamp's "Jack and Diane" comes on in the studio I assume Jessica Simpson is about to take over....and oh sometimes I wish she would!  Girl can sing, you can't fight me on that one ;)

Now, what perhaps is more sacrilegious since I work directly the biggest self proclaimed Led Zeppelin Fan Coe Lewis, is that I am more familiar with Puff Daddy's "Come With Me" than Led Zepp's "Kashmir."  (Yes, I know he's Diddy now but he was Puff Daddy back then...)  She would like to school me so bad on the history of Zepp, but sorry to say "Kashmir" is a lost cause & will always be "Come With Me" to me.  It's like Pavlov's Doggie (another thing I just learned from Bob) - it's a defaulted habbit


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