Courtney Gardner Works All The Boob Angles [PHOTOS]

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Instagram babe Courtney Gardner knows how to show off all sides of her ample chest.

TOP boob.

***PRIORITIES*** It’s funny how priorities change over time. I had a long ride home in traffic today (shocker for LA I know) and was reflecting on how my priorities have changed in the last 6 months, the last year, the last 6 years. Today marks my 6th anniversary with my company. Holy crap! That’s a pretty long time (approximately about 6x longer than any relationship I’ve ever been in 😂🤷🏼‍♀️). It’s crazy to think about the journey of my career and how much I’ve experienced and grown as a person and a professional. Now in parallel to that life is the fitness life and “brand” I’ve built. This is something I’ve been struggling with lately…. I’ve been trying to figure out my “priorities” with this world and what that may look like moving forward. The last 6-8 months I have been manically focused on my career and have been intentional about living a more balanced life. That means I’ve put on a few pounds, counted less macros, haven’t scheduled a single photoshoot and have even taken significant time off at the gym. I know that I want to inspire more women to be boss badasses in every aspect of life, which probably means fewer pictures like this (sorry but not sorry) and I know that I want to continue to build my body and my career. I hope you take time to evaluate your priories and the WHY behind them. That’s what I’m doing right now and I hope you can be patient while I figure it out for myself 😬🤗 Photo by @lee_lhgfx Glam @karenpangmua . . . . . #teambbcom #Teambodybuildingcom #fitspo #fitgirls #fitglam #earnednotgiven #noexcuses #Ifbb #npc #npcbikini #musclecontest #fitnessmodel #aesthetics #fitnessgurls #booty #strongissexy #sexy #girlswholift #bootygains #squats #growbootygrow #progressnotperfection

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UNDER boob.

#TBT to warmer days! Oh wait… it was in the 80s in LA this week 😎😜. Well #TBT to abs then😆. January was a longgggg and busy month. Who else feels that way?! I’ve been MIA because I’ve been grinding 🙆🏼‍♀️. Photo by @lee_lhgfx Glam by my boo @karenpangMUA #TheseAreSummerAbs #EventhoughitswarminLA . . . . . #teambbcom #Teambodybuildingcom #fitspo #fitgirls #fitglam #earnednotgiven #noexcuses #Ifbb #npc #npcbikini #musclecontest #fitnessmodel #aesthetics #fitnessgurls #booty #strongissexy #sexy #girlswholift #bootygains #squats #growbootygrow #progressnotperfection

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SIDE boob.

#TBT one of my favorite shots ever 😄. I posted this picture the night before I stepped on stage for the 2016 @bodybuildingcom spokesmodel search! This picture marks a pivotal moment in my life. I remember I was so nervous and excited and honored to step on stage to compete for the title of Spokesmodel! Though I didn't win, I was fortunate enough to become part of the team and just had the honor to spend two days at HQ earlier this week! Now 20 semifinalist have been selected for this years Spokesmodel contest! It's a huge honor to be part of Team @bodybuildingcom. Please take a minute to vote for who you think should make it to the final round!! Link is in my bio 🤗 Photo by @lee_lhgfx #teambodybuildingcom #bestself

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