Help wildlife victims of the West Fire in Alpine


Well once again wildfire has struck our county and  this time...East County has been hit hard. More specifically...our listeners in Alpine.  Nearly 40 homes and structures destroyed, not to mention pets lost in the fire.  Some people have literally lost EVERYTHING they have.  Listeners have reached out for help and here are some basic items that are needed right now.  So little can mean so much to please help in any way you can.  

Here is some info that was sent to us.

We had a great turn out at today's meeting regarding community support for our neighbors affected by the fire. In addition to community members, we also had a county representative and advocacy group, Community Recovery Team that has helped hundreds if not thousands of people rebuild after natural disasters.

What we learned:1. There are lots of resources available at the Alpine Library for everyone affected by the fire, even if your house was not burned down.

2. We found out that there are some people in dire situation. At least 4 do not have insurance. We will need to pull together as a community to fundraise and donate to their restoration of a home. There are some people homeless, not because their home burned down but because Alpine Oaks Estate is closed while they repair gas leaks and other things. We are working to get them to the right agency and then fill in the gaps as a community.

3. The biggest need is raising funds for rebuilding and filling in the gaps that the agencies and insurance don't. We will be accepting donation through The Alpine Community Fund. We will have several drop off locations including the Alpine Chamber of Commerce and On-Line Tax Services. There is no fees or costs taken out of these funds, all money will go to the people affected by the fire and their needs and resources will be verified so that we make sure we take care of those that need the most help first. As a community, we are committed to making everyone whole. This will take a long time, a whole year maybe more, so we are counting on the communities continued support. We encourage you to donate to this fund to make the most use of your donation, receive the tax benefit and take advantage of the security knowing that the funds needed are verified, paid on behalf of the indivduals not given to them directly ensuring it will be put to use and 100% goes to benefit the survivors. Roger Garay, Lori Bledsoe, Jeff Morris and Jan Ryan Morse EA are all great contacts for donations

4. There is a free luncheon with dessert tomorrow (Wednesday) with a bounce house so bring the kids 11-1pm for those affected by the fire and volunteers at Boulder Oaks Elementary. Hosted by Alpine Christian Fellowship and Pastor Sherwood Patterson.

5. We created 5 Committees and are looking for Chairpersons and Volunteers to support the committees. 1. Fundraising 2. Donations3. Volunteering4. Adopt A Family 5. Thanking the First Responders

6. Insurance Meeting for Fire Survivors - Tuesday at the Library more information coming- we may be calling for volunteers to great and provide refreshments to the survivors.

7. If a business wants to do something special for the victims please send us the information so that we can provide the list to the fire survivors.

8. We have some furniture being delivered (an amazing blessing from *Faith Chapel in La Mesa) tomorrow and will need people to help move tomorrow morning and in general. *Name correction

9. As a community we are looking to consolidate our efforts to make sure that all people are made whole and that no one falls through the cracks. Also that we ensure we use our resources responsibly to ensure everything is put to good use.

10. We would encourage everyone to fill out the forms we have been circulating. So we can ensure we make the best use of our volunteer efforts and that we address people's needs as they have them. We will be asking how you would like to volunteer so we can contact you when a need arises.

Update- Also please note that the donation locations are no longer taking clothing. I know a lot of people want to do something now to help out. Consider joining in on the community garage sale or having your own and donating the proceeds to the fire survivors rebuilding fund.

Kelly Mathews Boykin has volunteered to be our liaison between the Community Recovery Team so we ensure that we have to make sure we don't have people fall through the cracks.

P.S. There is more information coming, but this is already a long post. The key thing is to remember that much of the immediate needs are in the process of being met -- we will be called on as a community to support them through the coming months and there will be plenty of opportunities to volunteer and donate in the future.

If you are a fire survivor

If you want to help

 And here are some items requested

Packaged socks

cleaning supplies




non-persihable food items

toilet paper

pet food

paper towels

No more clothing items are needed at this moment, but other items are desperately needed.  Thank you!


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