Events You Can Do Outside of Comic-Con

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Ahh the week of Comic Con. A magical time indeed. Just your friendly reminder that although I don't post too often, I am always active in answering questions on DM!! This is my 8th year of SDCC, so I know a thing or two. I'll keep you guys posted on my adventures during the convention! (probs via insta stories)👊

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Even if you don't have a badge you can experience Comic-Con 2018 all over San Diego. Downtown transforms for this weekend and there is almost something to do on every corner and of course people watching is one of those things. Check-out a few things you can see below.

Rickmobile - From The TV Series Rick & Morty

Location: Different spots every day

More info:

Amazon's Jack Ryan Experience

Location: 450 2nd Ave

DC Universe Experience

Location: The Hilton Gaslamp 

More info:

Pinball Lounge

Location: Marriott Marquis & Marina

Nintendo Gaming Lounge

Location: Marriott Marquis & Marina

The Experience: Shark Week

Location: Lexus Premier Lot

Walking Dead Headquarters

Location: The Hilton Gaslamp

For more events outside of Comic-Con click here.


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