Tortilla Chips Spontaneously Combust Sparking Two Fires

Firefighters in Austin, Texas were shocked when they discovered what caused a fire at a factory that makes tortilla chips. According to a Facebook post by the Austin Fire Department, the fire was the result of the "spontaneous combustion of tortilla chips."

The post explained that the factory "was trying out a new way to handle the waste from the chips," when they suddenly burst into flames torching "multiple pallets of food waste." The firefighters extinguished the flames and thought that was the last of it. 

Then, to add insult to injury, additional (previously uninvolved) boxes of the same food waste spontaneously combusted just three days later.

This time the firefighters took the extra step of soaking the extra pallets of food waste in water to prevent them from combusting in the future. 

Nobody was injured, and there was no damage as a result of the fires because they happened outside of the factory. 

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