Neal Schon Suggests Conspiracy Against Himself and His Wife

It's starting to seem like Journey can't tour without Neal Schon airing his grievance du jour via social media.

Schon now says that security on this summer's co-headlining tour with Def Leppard keeps messing with his wife, Michaele Schon, while she's backstage.

Last summer, Schon's feud with Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain snowballed over a number of months via his social accounts. Schon's fury eventually ensnared the entire band (except drummer Steve Smith) and boiled to the point where the guitarist publicly questioned Journey's future.  

But even with Schon and Cain on solid ground again, it appears things are still not all well in the world of Journey. 

Schon says Michaele has been getting harassed by venue security while trying to film her husband's guitar solos. The Journey founder asked his fans to keep an eye on the side of the stage if they can spot Michaele from their seats; they can help the couple, he says.

"...[If] you see her shooting video for me [sic] if You see any strange activity, film it and send it to us," he Tweeted in late July.

This past weekend, Schon reiterated the request in a post accompanied by a photo of Michaele (with her name misspelled), adding that "Unfortunately some still do not know she's my wife...thank u all."

Schon says he has been precluded by promoters from hiring a private security detail — though he didn't mention whether he considered hiring a professional photographer to film him.

He also pointed out that the wives of other band members (Cain, Smith and bassist Ross Valory) have not had similarly negative experiences with security as Michaele. 

Schon suggested via Twitter that something is amiss. 

"...[A] bit odd that Michaele is being singled out [sic] don't you think?" he wrote in a response to one fan.

He later thanked his followers for their support, adding "Nobody is going to suppress me. Nobody."

Michaele is a former Real Housewives of D.C. star made national headlines in 2009 when she crashed a White House state dinner with her then-husband, Tareq Salahi. 

Photo: Getty Images

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