DSC Show - Tuesday, August 14

I suppose the pee pods are better than urinating right on the street, but is this something we should consider for San Diego? Is this something we should get use to or not? Love to know your thoughts. You can tell us here or drop Dave a line at DSC@101kgb.com .

This story inspired Dave to name a new song today, "Tinkling In The Streets." We're pretty sure the Doobie Brothers have a version of it. 


Dave is shocked and amazed that Boyer has been wearing shorts everyday. We just aren’t use to it.  On Monday, both Boyer and Sarah were wearing shorts, so Dave got the inspired idea to have a “Daisy Duke Off!”

Please watch the the video and see who you think is the hottest as the two dance around. Please note, at one point, Boyer creeped a little too close to Sarah and she accidentally copped a feel! Watch the look of horror that comes across her face as she touched his junk. Sarah says “he threw himself into my zone!”

"Sarah Touched Boyer's Junk" is the name of Dave's new band on KGB!

Meanwhile, The Death Czar said yes to allowing entry to the late, great Stan Mikita.


Some idiot jumped over a wall at the L.A. Zoo today and spanked a female hippo on the butt! The four-year-old Rosie wasn't injured, but police are investigating the crime. Hippo's are the most dangerous land animals on the Earth. They killed 500 people last year in Africa. Watch the whole thing on video.


Dave told us about an iconic fashion house in NYC called Supreme. Some of their simple t-shirts are sold for thousands when the public bids on them at auction. We'd never heard of the 22-year-old company before, so I did some digging. This video explains a lot about the trendy company and why people wait in line to buy their products. 


Elsewhere in the world of fashion, there was a great debate today about Boyer's socks and shoes. He's wearing thick, while socks with his Chukka Boots. Should he wear super short socks, no socks at all or leave it as it? You decide.

Debate over Boyer's shoes and socks!

Everyone knows Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL, so we didn't include him in our $5 Quiz today. Dave gave us the top ranked QB's in the league and which ever crew member guessed the closest - won the game! We had a tie.

10 - PHILIP RIVERS - CHARGERS (Boyer guessed this guy.)





5  -  RUSSELL WILSON - SEAHAWKS -(Emily guessed this dude.)



2  -  AARON RODGERS - PACKERS (Chainsaw and Ruthie guessed him and tied for first place!)


Photo: Getty Images

Who's the best QB in the NFL (besides Tom Brady)?
  • In the Half-Baked Crackpot News at 9, Emily told us about a gathering of AC/DC fans who got together in Sydney last weekend to break a world record. 

  • The 457 Australian musicians grabbed their guitars and joined together rocking out on "Highway To Hell" in an attempt to break the record for the Largest Electric Guitar Ensemble.

  • Guinness World Book still needs to confirm the feat, which currently stands at 368 guitarists playing Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" back in 2013. 

  • The group also used the occasion to raise money for The Australian Children's Music Foundation, who provides weekly music education classes and instruments to disadvantaged children. 

  • You can see part of the event in the video below.

AC/DC Fans Tried to Break World Record

Photo: Getty Images


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