DSC Show Blog - Wednesday, 11-21-18

Here are a few things we learned on the show today

The Tooth Fairy in Hispanic cultures is known as the Tooth Rat or Tooth Mouse. Picture a lil' rat who comes into your child’s room at night, reaches under the pillows and snatches the tooth and books!

While pumpkin pie is the traditional pie served on Thanksgiving, the most popular pie in America is Apple. Ruthie says you "gotta" have pumpkin pie for Turkey Day or it's not complete.

Dave told us the story of a girl who broke up with her boyfriend because he wouldn't take her "My Little Pony" along with him on vacation. He actually agreed to do it, but when his parents laughed at him, he chickened out. The high maintenance girl was not having it.

Country singer, Shania Twain is a chronic piddler. She recently admitted she loses control of her bladder when she's performing on stage and pees her pants! Why would you tell everyone that?!

Would you rather have diarrhea or run a 5K? Chainsaw and Ruthie both chose the first one, yikes!

Maroon 5 is being urged not to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show! It’s for solidarity to side with Colin kaepernick against the NFL. A petition is being circulated online.

The NFL is featuring a Triple Header of Games on tomorrow on Thanksgiving, so enjoy! See you on Monday after the long weekend!

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Watch this adorable little pika sing along to Queen in the video above.

Summer School on DSC Thanksgiving Edition

$5 Quiz: Summer School: Thanksgiving Edition, listeners playing for 4 pack of tickets to Del Mar Racetrack. Here are the words Summer said and we had to guess what the hell she's saying! 

Thanksgiving       turkey     stuffing    dressing     pilgrims   Indians     Native Americans    Thursday     

 harvest    mashed potatoes     pumpkin pie   thankful  cranberry sauce 

Black Friday    football    turkey trot    Squanto   Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade    

***Boyer wins******

Photo by KGB/iheartmedia

Which do you prefer Cool Whip or Reddi Whip?

We asked listeners on our Facebook page - which one was the best. Feel free to comment here.

The crew was split. Dave, Emily and Sarah prefer Reddi Whip because of the squirt factor, while Boyer, Chain and Ruthie like Cool Whip better.

Boyer and Ruth like it better because of Stewie Griffin and you'll see why in the video below.

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We did NOT phone it in on our last day before the long, holiday weekend! Check us out on today's podcast on KGB for Wednesday, 11-21-18. Love your show!



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