Support one of my heroes - Mike Veale and Global Conservation Force

Hi friends... I have a friend named Mike Veale and he is the founder of Global Conservation Force and he is one of my heroes. GCF is fighting extinction around the WORLD! My foundation, Nsefu Wildlife, has been blessed by the work of Mike and his team and it's an incredibly tough job.  You can help GCF while having fun for a VERY important event benefitting the most trafficked animal in the world...the pangolin.  These humble little animals are in critical shape in the world because millions are smuggled annually for their scales (to make soup) in Asia.  They suffer incredibly with most dying before ever making it to their destination. It is a horrid situation and wonderful people like GCF are desperately trying to save them before they are wiped off the planet.  Asia is driving the extinction of countless species i.e elephants, rhinos, leopards, lions, tigers, pangolins, gorillas, chimps and so many more. We need to STOP THIS. Below is their upcoming event so have fun while supporting something SO important...thanks.

Join us as we start the celebrations for  #WorldPangolinDay in San Diego at Mike Hess Brewing Company!  Have fun enjoying craft beers while creating fun pangolin-inspired crafts. Each participant will receive the materials for the craft of their choice and a limited-edition World Pangolin Day sticker. In addition, 10% of beer sales will be donated to GCF through the Hess Helps program! All funds raised will go towards our efforts to protect pangolins in Africa & Asia from wildlife trafficking & poachers and support partnerships with in-situ conservation programs. As the most trafficked mammal in the world, pangolins are in dire need of protection from poaching. We are supporting educational programs, rescue/rehab/release efforts, conservation initiatives, and on-ground protection for pangolins in countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Kenya, & Zambia. Read more about pangolins by clicking here

World Pangolin Day Crafts & Drafts - San Diego


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