We Debut a New Game "You Bet Your Ass" [VIDEO]

Today we debuted a new game “You Bet Your Ass!”

Playing in Teams:

Boyer and Sarah are Team Brit Brit

Emily and Chainsaw: Team Tom Tom 

Each team will have a better and a guesser.   Sarah -and Chainsaw are the Betters.

They must choose a prop from this list of random stuff: Surfboard, ceiling tile, Justin Bieber cardboard cutout, Billy Joel poster, KGB license plate frame, spaghetti, rolled up t-shirt.

Sara chose the Bieber cut out

Chainsaw chose the license plate holder

If you lose, you get spanked with the prop. First one with three x’s - loses. Team members can’t look at each other or make groans. 

Team Tom Tom won the coin toss so they go first. First category: Cities in CA that begin with H. He said Emily can name 2. Sarah said 4 and Chain said Emily could do it. She only named one. So she gets an X. Boyer spanks Emily 4 times with the license plate. 

Team Brit Brit has to name Department Stores. Emily has to name 7 and she did!! So Emily spanks Boyer with the Justin Bieber cutout!

Team Tom Tom - Villains in Batman. Boyer has to name 6! Only named 2 so he gets spanked by Justin Bieber/Emily 6 times. 

Team Brit Brit - how many nicknames for boobs can Boyer can come up with? Boyer has to name 9. And he did! He spanks Emily 9 times with the KGB license plate.

Team Tom Tom - brand names of cigarettes.

Emily has to name 7! She only named 5 so Team Brit Brit wins!!! Listener Robert wins tickets to the San Diego Zoo

See video of the spankings below!

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