An Electric Fly Swatter Is The YBYA Punishment [VIDEO]

This week on You Bet Your Ass the losers get spanked on their bare butt with an electric fly swatter!

Team Brit Brit - Sarah and Boyer - won 2 games so far

Team Tom Tom - Chainsaw and Emily - won 2 games so far

Boyer and Emily are taking the punishment today - an electric fly swatter. Chainsaw and Sarah place the bets. Once a team gets three strikes - they lose the game.

  1. Words that begin with an X. Emily had to name 3 and she did, so Boyer gets spanked 3 times by Chainsaw! Team Brit Brit has one strike
  2. How many books of the Bible can you name. Boyer has to name 7 and he did so Emily has to take 7 spanks with the electric fly swatter by Sarah. Team Tom Tom gets one strike. Score: 1-1
  3. First names of Kardashians and Jenners. Emily named 6, so Boyer gets spanked by Chainsaw. Team Brit Brit has two strikes. 2-1
  4. Male names that start with K. Emily has to name 7, but she didn’t so she gets spanked by Sarah 7 times. Team Tom Tom has two strikes, so the score is 2-2.
  5. Actors who’ve played superheroes. Boyer has to name 6, but only named 4. So he has to take 6 final spankings and Team Tom Tom wins the game 3-2! Team Tom Tom won 3 in a row and they’re ahead, 3-2.

WARNING: This video contains Boyer’s bare ass

We Brought in a Professional Dominatrix for YBYA [PHOTOS & VIDEO] - Thumbnail Image

We Brought in a Professional Dominatrix for YBYA [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

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