How Many of These Gross Things Have You Done?

Yesterday we talked about a doctor who said we should all be picking our nose and EATING it to help boost our immune systems. So the question is, how gross are you in general?

  1. Have you ever picked your nose as an adult?
  2. Do you ever pop your zits? 
  3. Have you ever smelled an article of clothing to see if you could get away with wearing it again? 
  4. Do you ever blow your nose, then inspect the tissue? 
  5. Are you ever too tired to brush your teeth before bed? 
  6. Do you ever pee in the shower?  
  7. Have you ever eaten food that fell on the floor? 
  8. Have you ever gone a month without changing your sheets? 
  9. Do you ever not wash your hands after using the bathroom at home? 
  10. Have you ever clogged a toilet? 

Here is how everyone on the show scored:

Dave & Boyer 8

Emily & Sarah 9

Ruth & Chain 10

Photo by: Getty Images


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