The Boob Ride is happening in SD in April! Get signed up today!

The Boob Ride is always a lot of fun and our 10th anniversary ride will be even more fun. Coastal scenery, good friends, a challenging ride (or be casual about it), capped off with a big Last Mile Party.


  • The event is capped at 300. We are trying to keep our event intimate and manage all the logistics. Better get signed up ASAP.
  • The Tidewater Tavern will be the destination for the Last Mile Party
  • The buffet was great last year and we will have it again this year. Contact us if you would like to sponsor the buffet.
  • Camp Pendleton has changed their base access rules, again! You need to a base pass to ride through the base, otherwise, the freeway time trial route will be how you get to Solana Beach. Details are here.

Event Information

If you haven't done The Boob Ride before, here are some highlights and FAQs

  • Ride starts and finishes in Solana Beach just outside Fletcher Cove from 6:30 - 9:00 AM
  • The destination is Solana Beach for a big post ride party where we raffle off great prizes and give out fun awards.
  • Riders will need to bring money to buy lunch and raffle tickets at the event.
  • Staggered start. Thanks to our devoted Boob Riders, we are getting too large to have a group start by all riders.
  • Optional group photos. The event has become so large that we can't get everyone into the photo. We will take some smaller group photos before each start.

Routes, schedules, and so forth

  • A-Cup is a 30 mile route for those that are big hearted but light on training. The ride is up the coast with a U-Turn in Carlsbad, finishing at the Tidewater Tavern. It is mostly scenic and coastal.
  • Route map is here
  • Should start at 9:00 am
  • B-Cup is a U-turn route. This route is designed for those that want to support the cause and do some of the ride with their friends. You can start with the D or C groups, ride as far as you want to, and turn around as you see fit. Some would say that this is the perfect size, not to small and not too big. Just right! However, you will miss the famous post ride party.
  • Suggested route is here, but you can go further or turn around sooner.
  • Start is 8:00 am or sooner
  • C-Cup is a 60 mile ride directly to Solana Beach.
  • Route map is here.
  • Start is 7:30 am or sooner
  • D-Cup is a 90 mile ride through the Elfin Forest and Rancho Sante Fe. This is a very scenic, but a very hilly and challenging route. Make sure you have the legs and lungs for before you take on this one. Just in case you change your mind, you can stay on PCH at Palomar Airport Road and finish with the C-Group.
  • Route map is here
  • Start is 7:00 am
  • All routes (except the B-cup) finish in Solana Beach just outside Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach.


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