Ep. 2 of YBYA the Ass Kissing Edition [VIDEO]

It's episode two of the "Ass Kissing" edition of You Bet Your Ass!

Team Tom Tom - Emily bids for Chainsaw today. Winning 5-3.

Team Brit Brit - Boyer bids for Sarah today (Listener Tom rooting for them)

Everytime they miss a question, they get one strike. Three strikes you lose.

  1. Movies that take place on airplanes. Chainsaw has to name 6, which he could not. Strike for Team Tom Tom. Boyer has to kiss Chainsaw’s ass 6 times now. (He brought rubbing alcohol to clean it down first.) 1-0
  2. Different types of fish. Sarah has to name 7 which she did, so Chainsaw has to get his ass kissed by Boyer again, 7 times.
  3. How many of Snow White's dwarfs can you name? Sarah has to name all 7 of them, but she only named 6, so Sarah has to kiss Emily’s ass 7 times. (She had a big fake spider tattooed on her ass which caused Sarah to shriek loudly.)
  4. Names of convenience stores. Sarah has to name 6 which she did not. Sarah has to kiss Emily’s ass 6 times. Emily had another spider tattooed on her other cheek. Score 2-2.
  5. Models of Ford vehicles. Chainsaw has to name 6 which he did, so Team Tom Tom wins the game! Sarah has to kiss Emily’s ass 6 times now.

Listener Scott wins!! Tickets to see Peter Frampton in October at Cal Coast Credit Union. Team Tom Tom is now 6-3.

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