AC/DC Engineer Adds Fuel to the Album Rumors [VIDEO]


The rumors of a new AC/DC album have circulated since last summer when Brian Johnson and drummer Phil Rudd, along with guitarists Angus Young and Stevie Young, were photographed outside Vancouver's Warehouse Studios. And then a photo of Johnson and Cliff Williams after a workout at a Vancouver hotel was posted on Instagram late last year.

Well now there's more hope for a new AC/DC album after the band's longtime engineer admitted that the group has been working.

Mike Fraser, who's been the band's studio engineer and mixer since 1995's Ballbreaker, spoke with Australian mastering engineer Tony "Jack the Bear" Mantz for his podcast. When asked about the rumors of a new project Fraser said, "Well, yeah, I could say that we've been in the studio doing something. What's come of that I can't discuss yet." Mantz asked, "With Brian[Johnson] singing?" And Fraser laughed and said, "I think so."



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