New Teams & A New Punishment this Week on YBYA [VIDEO]

You Bet Your Ass game on KGB!

Girls Team: Emily bids for Sarah who takes the punishment.

Guys Team: Chainsaw bids for Boyer who takes the punishment.

Boyer was given a special new pink thong. He took off his underwear and pants right in the studio in front of everyone. He showed his junk to everyone including our guest doctor! He was given the undies two breaks before the game started, but never bothered to leave the studio to visit the restroom in private. That just proves our theory that he loves to make us suffer when he is!

Dr. Corey Lichtman in Solana Beach, sports chiropractor, will apply the muscle stimulator to the butts of Boyer and Sarah.

  1. How many oceans can you name? (There are only 5.) Sarah had to name 4, but she didn’t so she gets 4 seconds of zapping of the muscle stimulator. Strike 1 for the Girls.
  2. How many children’s cereal can you name? Boyer has to name 8, but he only named 2, so he gets 8 seconds of electric shock.
  3. Name state capitals. Boyer has to name 6, but he only named 4 so he gets 4 seconds of electrodes on his ass. Boys 2, Girls 1.
  4. Name Best Of DSC CD’s. Boyer had to name 3 and he did. Boys 2-Girls 2.
  5. Names of Democrats who are running for President. Sarah has to name 4. She only named 2 so she gets 4 zaps and The Guys win!

Normally Dr. Corey doesn't do this treatment at an extreme level to cause harm! We asked for it, so he delivered. If you have any sports related injuries or migraines or need a Chiropractor for any reason at all, just remember he can handle Sarah on a regular basis so he candle handle whatever you throw at him!



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You Bet Your Ass on The DSC - All The Episodes

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