YBYA: Muscle Stimulator Shocks Losers in the ASS [VIDEO]

We played a round of “You Bet Your Ass” today on KGB!

Girls Team = Sarah doing the bidding, with Emily taking the hits.

Boys Team = Boyer doing the bidding, with Chainsaw taking hits.

Ass punishment doled out today by Dr. Corey Lichtman from Solana Beach. He’s a sports chiropractor and will apply the muscle stimulator to the butts of Emily and Chainsaw today. You can reach him at http://www.drcorey.net/

We’re thankful we don’t have to worry about seeing Boyer standing around the studio in his undies and no pants today, like we did last week.

  1. Name Van Halen songs featuring Sammy Hagar. Chainsaw had to name 4, but he couldn’t so he gets 4 hits. Strike 1 for the Boys.
  2. Reverse the alphabet. Emily had to name 7 and she did so Chainsaw gets 7 zaps and the Boys get Strike 2.
  3. States that border the Mississippi River. Emily had to name 6 and she did. Chainsaw gets 6 more zaps. Girls SWEEP & WIN!

Emily didn’t have to take any punishment today, but wanted to try out the machine on her “migraine” spot. She says she “almost blacked out.”

Total: Girls 1 - Boys - 1

Listener Carlos wins and get an invite to the private Sammy Hagar concert at the iHeart Theater next week in LA.

Normally Dr. Corey doesn't do this treatment at an extreme level to cause harm! We asked for it, so he delivered. If you have any sports related injuries or migraines or need a Chiropractor for any reason at all, give him a call!


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