Instagram Model Posts Video Of Herself Having A Panic Attack

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Most Instagram models get their followings by posting photos of themselves looking beautiful and happy in exotic locations. The pictures make it seem like their lives are amazing, but that's not always the case, and one Instagram star shared a very personal post to prove it. Malaysian influencer Kharina K has nearly 100,000 followers who love seeing the gorgeous model's shots, but her latest post is nothing like they've ever seen. In it, Kharina is having a panic attack.

She was being filmed for something else when the panic attack came on and the cameras kept rolling. Kharina originally had no intention of releasing the footage but reconsidered, feeling that sharing it might bring about more awareness about mental health.

In the video's caption, she first warned viewers about what the clip showed, then stated how it was not planned. She explained:

"This was me earlier having one of THE WORST panic attacks I'd ever had that happened to be caught on camera. Why I had this attack isn't important so I'll leave that bit out. I'm posting this not for attention or sympathy, but because I have been given this platform on instagram and would like to do some good with it. You guys see most of my life as rainbows and sunshine (cuz no one likes to post the bad parts anyways), however this is my reality. Constantly having anxiety and being fine one minute, and like this the next. I try to post as much as I can about mental health to bring AWARENESS to it because it is REAL, and is not taught very well in Malaysia, however I have never been able to show you guys until now."

Kharina went on to write:

"I didn't choose this, I do not want it, and it's a horrible thing to be constantly fighting a battle no one knows about or sees that’s in your head 24/7 and constantly feeling like a crazy person. It burdens not only you, but the people around you & yet all you can do is apologize when you yourself don't even want it which is one of the worst feelings ever. I'm very lucky to have a great support system around me that loves & takes good care of me in times like these, however not everyone is as lucky as I am... and so this post is to remind those who suffer from it that you ARE NOT ALONE, & to hopefully bring awareness to the people who don't know/understand mental illnesses."

The response to Kharina's post has been incredibly supportive and it's included comments like, "Oh kharina thank you for posting this. This is one of your best post yet. So raw and real. You’re beautiful and strong and I mean it and whatever you’re going through I pray that you’ll one day overcome it," and "Thank you for posting this. I myself have anxiety and knowing I’m not alone helps heaps. Much love, K!"

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Photo: Instagram/Kharina97

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