The Painful Rubber Band Returns for YBYA [VIDEO]

We played a round of “You Bet Your Ass” today!

Girls Team - Emily and Sarah; Emily takes the pain, while Sarah does the bidding today.

Boys Team - Chainsaw and Boyer; today Chain takes the pain, while Boyer does the bidding.

Today’s ass punishment is rubber band snapping Part 2

Everytime you miss a question, you get the ass punishment and one strike against your team. Three strikes and you lose.

  1. How many Elton John songs can you name? Emily had to name 6 and she did, so Chainsaw gets the rubber band. Boys 1-0
  2. Movies with Nick Cage. Chainsaw had to name 4 and he did, so Emily takes the rubber band. Girls - 1, Boys - 1.
  3. What movies are out in theaters today? She had to name 4 but she did not, so she get 4 snaps. Girls - 2, Boys - 1.
  4. Boys names that begin with an “L.” Chainsaw had to name 7 and he did not, so Chainsaw gets 7 snaps. All tied up at 2-2!
  5. How many people running for president can you name? Chainsaw had to name 6 but he couldn’t so strike 3 - Boys lose and Chainsaw gets 6 more snaps of the rubber band.

Final score: Girls 2 - Boys 3

Emily took 14 and Chainsaw took 19 rubber band snaps!

Sidebar on the first question: Emily said one Elton John song she named had parentheses and Boyer bet her it didn’t. If he was correct, she had to take the rubber band snap. He was right, so she took 6 snaps on the side bet.

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