How'd you like to host an international student? It's an AMAZING experience

You know one of the most fun and exciting experiences I had when I was younger was being an exchange student in Saudi Arabia. It was fascinating, exciting, and I learned so much...not to mention I loved the family I stayed with. Why don't you consider doing something cool for your family and invite a wonderful student to learn about new cultures and create new friendships!!
Here is a letter from our listener asking for help getting great homes to host kids!

Good morning Coe! 
My husband loves your station and he’s suggested I reach out to you. 
I’m the San Diego coordinator for a foreign exchange program based out in Spain, called STEP (student travel and exchange program). 
I have 30 students with plane tickets in hand arriving June 25th and I still need 14 more host families willing to open up their home to a student and the experience of a lifetime! 
I have hung posters in neighborhoods, placed flyers in coffee shops, stuck advertising magnets on my car, posted all over social media as well as paid Facebook to run ads for me. I’ve spoke in local high schools, I’ve reached out to churches and nothing seems to work. 
I know the radio is the number one way to reach people. I don’t know how Coe’s List works but if there is any way you would be able to help me find my last 14 host families willing to show a student what life is like here in America, I would greatly appreciate it! 
These kids are so eager to come to America (many for the first time) and learn about our culture and traditions. 
My deadline to find all my host families is July 11th. 
Can you help?? 
Lauren Balcombe 

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