Leather and Feathers Return For You Bet Your Ass [VIDEO]

We played a round of “You Bet Your Ass” today on KGB!

Girls Team - Emily and Sarah. Emily takes the punishment, while Sarah does the bidding. Listener Ray is rooting for them and hoping to win passes to the The Port Music and Art Festival - 3 days with 80 bands!

Boys Team - Chainsaw and Boyer - Chainsaw takes the ass whupping today, while Boyer does the bidding. L

The ass punishment today is the leather and feather whip.

If you miss a question, you get one strike. Three and your lose.

  1. Name the disciples of Jesus Christ. Chainsaw had to name 5 but he could not, so he gets 5 lashes from Boyer.
  2. How many current cast members of SNL can you name?       Chainsaw had to name 4 but he couldn’t so Boyer gave him 4 lashes. Boys - 2, Girls - 0
  3. How many actors can your partner name that played James Bond? Emily had to name 5 and she did not, so Emily gets 5 lashes from Sarah. Boys 2 - Girls 1
  4. The great song, ‘We are the world,” name the soloists. Emily had to name 2 and she named 3 so Chainsaw gets 3 lashes from Boyer. GIRLS WIN! Boys 3 - Girls 1

Total wins and losses: Girls - 6, Boys 2

Here is a look at the weapon used!

You Bet Your Ass on The DSC - All The Episodes - Thumbnail Image

You Bet Your Ass on The DSC - All The Episodes

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