A Bug A-Salt Gun Lights Up a Couple asses [VIDEO]

This week on You Bet Your Ass we bring in a bug a-salt gun to use for punishment. The salt bullets prove to be painful and light up Sarah and Boyer’s asses like the KGB Sky Show!

Girls Team = Emily & Sarah; Emily bids, while Sarah takes the pain.

Boys Team = Chainsaw & Boyer; Chain bids, while Boyer drops his pants.

Every time you miss a question, you get a point. First team with three points loses the game.

  1. How many ‘Seinfeld’ characters can you name?   Boyer has to name 7 and he did, so Sarah has to take 7 shots in the ass! 
  2. How many ‘Friends’ characters can you name? Sarah has to name 8 but she only named 7, so she has to take 8 shots in the ass! 
  3. Name TV theme songs featured in yesterday’s quiz. Sarah has to name 7 and she does, so Boyer has to take 9 shots in the ass. 
  4. Components in the Clint August Burger at Sycuan Resort. Boyer has to name 4 but he didn’t so Boyer has to take 4 hits. 
  5. People who are featured on current US coins. Sarah has to name 6 but she didn’t so she takes 6 shots in the ass.      

The Boys Team wins!

Boyer took 13 shots in the ass, while Sarah took 21 shots in the ass.

Total wins so far: Girls 8, Boys 7. The Boys have won 4 in a row.

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