The Bug A-Salt Returns to Deliver Punishment!

This week we bring back the bug a-salt gun to deliver the punishment for You Bet Your Ass!

Girls Team - Emily & Sarah; Emily takes the pain, Sarah does the bidding.

Boys Team - Chainsaw & Boyer; Chainsaw takes the pain, Boyer bids.

Every time you miss the question, you get one point. The first person to get three points loses the game. You get bonus shots for naming more things than you have to for each question.

The Boys are on a four-game winning streak and have to win one more game to tie with the girls. Girls 8 - Boys - 7

How many of Michael Jackson’s siblings can you name? Emily has to name 4 and she did, so Chainsaw takes 4 shots!  Girls 0- Boys 1

How many states that border the Mason-Dixon line can you name? Emily had to name 4 but she didn’t, so she gets 4 shots to the butt! Girls 1- Boys 1

How far can you count backwards flawlessly from 100 by 7. Emily had to do it three times and she did, so Chainsaw has to take 3 shots plus 7 bonus points for a total of 10 shots!  Girls 1 - Boys 2

How many books by Dr. Suess can you name? Chainsaw had to name 4 and he didn’t, so Chainsaw has to take 4 shots in the ass. Girls 1 - Boys 3


Total Score: Girls 9 - Boys 7

Chainsaw took 18 shots in the ass. 

Emily took 4 shots in the ass.

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You Bet Your Ass on The DSC - All The Episodes

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