Spearfish Canyon, Deadwood And Where Wild Bill Was Shot!

The thing about riding in a place like Sturgis, SD is that in most places, the minute you get on your bike you're already on a beautiful route so you can experience all of the trees, mountains, canyons and the beauty in the area. We first stopped in Deadwood to eat and then walked over to Saloon #10 where Wild Bill Hickok was shot and killed back in the day. The gentleman telling the story of how it happened did a great job of painting the picture. Wild Bill was in town for a short time before he walked into the saloon to play cards. According the gentleman telling us the history of what happened, Wild Bill declined to take the only seat left at the poker table because his back would be to the door instead of the opposite side of the table where he usually sat. A friend at the table told him to relax because he'd only been in town for a week so he thought nobody even knew Wild Bill was there yet. Bill decided to sit and after Jack McCall walked in, walked past the table right by where prospectors weighed their gold to get booze and money to gamble, made his way next to Wild Bill and shot him in the head.