Coe's Tribute To Eddie Money

In light of the recent passing of Eddie Money, I just want to say CANCER SUCKS. Eddie passed away from esophageal cancer at the age of 70. That same cancer stole my mother away in 1994.

I have had some pretty crazy Eddie Money stories and experiences over my many years here at KGB. I like to say that Eddie Money lived a "LOUD" life, and that phrase has several meanings. He was an" in your face" born and bred New Yorker. Tough as nails he was, and I am pretty sure that trait was established long before he was a NY cop. But for that fast-talking, fast-living rockstar that he was....deep down, he was a very nice guy. He had a crazy marriage that saw itself play out in public in the form of a very jealous wife who would make him sleep in hotel hallways (just ask many local musicians about THAT). She once confronted me backstage at 4th & B because she got it in her head that I was some kind of groupie, and didn't know at the time that I was hosting the show for KGB! She wasn't going to let the show happen until I was removed from the backstage! Yeah, this really happened...and it was only after the staff assured her that I was a professional radio person who represented the station who was PRESENTING the show. Yep, that was interesting. And the whole time, Eddie would just just watch the drama unfold around him being a nice guy trying to calm his wife down and apologizing profusely to me. 

Like I said he was a very nice guy. I wouldn't see him for a few years and he would spot me at a show and say "Hey Coe, how's it going? How are things at KGB?" That floored me because the man and his band toured nonstop for decades and he always remembered you. I thought that was a wonderful trait of his.

And lastly, Eddie Money could write a hit song like nobody's business. He had a great ear for hooks and choruses and he and his amazing band ALWAYS put on a great rock show. He played like it was his last show, and that is something all bands and artists should play like. I spoke to him at the beginning of his reality show which made me so happy because I knew there was enough show material to last a lifetime. I laughed out loud that entire interview.

Sadly, that lifetime ended today. God Bless you Eddie. You were tornado wrapped in a hurricane, and you entertained all of us the whole time. Rock on my friend...rock on. Coe Lewis

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