YBYA: A Torture Device Straight From The Mind of Stephen King! [VIDEO]

After a two week hiatus You Bet Your Ass is back! This week we bring in a sadistic torture device that looks like it's from the movie 'It" to deliver the punishment.

Girls Team -Emily & Sarah; Sarah takes the pain, Eyilu does the bidding.

Boys Team -Chainsaw & Boyer; Boyer takes the pain, Chainsaw bids.

Every time you miss the question, you get one point. The first person to get three points loses the game. You get bonus shots for naming more things than you have to for each question.

Round 1 - Sarah has yo name 10 brands of makeup, she names 15

Round 2 - Boyer has to name 6 brands of motor oil, he names 12

Round 3 - Sarah has to name 5 Ladies Night Vendors, she names 6!

Round 4 - Sarah has to name 8 dog breeds, she names 12

Girls win!!! and Boyer has to pole dance on Friday’s show in his pink YBYA rubber panties!

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