The Toy From Hell Returns to Deliver Ass Punishment [VIDEO]

We bring back the sadistic toy from hell to deliver the ass punishment on You Bet Your Ass. Emily and Chainsaw put their asses on the line!

Girls Team -Emily & Sarah; Emily takes the pain, Sarah does the bidding.

Boys Team -Chainsaw & Boyer; Chainsaw takes the pain, Boyer bids.

Every time you miss the question, you get one point. The first person to get three points loses the game. You get bonus shots for naming more things than you have to for each question.

  1. TYPES OF UNDATEABLE MEN - Chainsaw needs to name 6, he does! Emily takes 6 clicks to the ass
  2. FALL HOLIDAYS - Emily needs to name 4 and does! Chainsaw takes 4 clicks to the ass.
  3. ONE HIT WONDERS - Chainsaw needs to name 5 and can only name 1, he takes 5 clicks to the ass
  4. ACTORS IN JURASSIC PARK - Emily needs to name 3 and does! Girls win and Chainsaw takes 3 more clicks to the ass!

That is the girls 4th win in a row!