This Week's Weird News

An octopus that may have been dreaming, a turtle said to be psychic, and the possibility that the lunar surface might be a veritable fishing net for alien evidence were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

Perhaps the weirdest story we saw this week came by way of a Russian version of Craigslist, where a man put his pet turtle up for sale and listed the price at $46,000 because, he claimed, the creature is clairvoyant! According to the seller, the psychic tortoise is able to predict the winner of football matches when presented with two pieces of paper featuring the opposing teams' names written on them. Despite claiming to have harnessed the turtle's alleged gift to net $1,500 just a few months ago, the man said that he needed to part with his magical pet because his family was in dire financial straights that were apparently beyond the powers of a psychic turtle.

This past week saw a trio of remarkable space-related stories, beginning with an update on the mysterious hole found in the ISS last year as the head of the Russian space agency now says that they have figured out what created the puzzling damage, yet they refuse to reveal their findings. Later in the week, a Harvard astronomer raised eyebrows by suggested that the lack of atmosphere and geological activity on the moon makes the lunar surface an ideal place to find evidence of aliens. Finally, an astronaut aboard the ISS snapped a breathtaking picture of a Soyuz capsule en route to the space station to deliver new crew members.

In yet another testament to Mother Nature's ability to amaze us, a breathtaking video unveiled this week appeared to show an octopus dreaming. The awesome footage, from a forthcoming PBS documentary, starred 'Heidi,' the subject of a study by marine biologist David Scheel. In the video, the sleeping octopus can be seen inexplicably changing color in a pattern similar to what one would expect to see if the animal were alert and had just captured something to eat. While we can't be certain if the creature was really dreaming, Scheel marveled that if an octopus did have such an experience, Heidi's behavior is what it would look like.

For more strange and unusual stories from the past week, check out the Coast to Coast AM website.

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