The DSC's Favorite Things List

"The DSC's Favorite Things List" is a play off Oprah, Neiman Marcus and the Goop ridiculous lists. We all made a list of our top 5 favorite things we would want for Christmas this year. Some items are reasonable and some are complete fantasy!

See what everyone is wishing for below and vote for whose "The DSC's Favorite Things List!" you'd want the most


1. A Six Pack of Graeter’s Ice Cream. Best ice cream by a mile! Their process dunks giant mines of chocolate and goodness inside the ice cream. Eat it with a fork! Price: $80

2. A gift card to Cineopolis. My favorite theater, and just in time for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”. Back row center, please. Price: At least $100

3. Samsung TV. Add a surround sound with a big ass sub woofer that makes your wife ask “does it have to be this loud?” The answer is yes. Price: $3,000

4. 2019 Aston Martin DBS SUPERLEGERRA. This is my next car. Provided you give me $360K to buy it.

5. Airbus Helicopter. Assuming I still have to work, I’d like to chopper in. Gas for my car is getting too expensive. Price: $2,204,153.33

EMILY: In our family, we gift each person a "want, need, wear, read...and something freakin' awesome". I've picked my five fantasy items keeping our gift giving rhyme in mind.

Want:This fall we launched - the official merchandise of the DSC show. We have big dreams and plans for lots of different designs and products. Unfortunately as a startup, we are currently at the mercy of outside vendors to print our items. With our own direct-to-garment printer, we could produce DSC merch quicker, with complete quality control, and at a lower price, all factors that would benefit our customers. It would be a dream come true!

Need: We learned this year that Colt has Sensory Processing Disorder. His foot on the gas pedal 24/7, living at a level 11 is part of his brain seeking sensory input. He is doing awesome at Occupational Therapy and I would love to have more tools at home to help his body and brain get the input they're craving. A mini OT sensory room in our home would be a game changer for the whole family, starting with this rad climbing wall and crash pad!

Wear:I love to come home from work and immediately change in to ridiculously comfy loungewear. While I could live in some cozy Stars Above fleece pants from Target, since we're dreaming fancy, how decadent do cashmere leggings sound?!?! Yes, please!

Read: The only way I'm lucky enough to sneak in a few minutes of uninterrupted reading is by hiding out in the bathroom. So to make my rare reading moments even more enjoyable, my booty would really appreciate a heated toilet seat!!

Freakin' awesome:After having 13 guests stay with us in a span of six months, I am SO READY to have a guest room! Since I'm fantasizing, I'm going BIG and selecting this Shea Home beauty with room for the at home sensory gym and our home printing business I mentioned earlier, plus an epic man cave space. This Shea Home stunner is in the beautiful community of Olivehain, which I just learned how to properly say thanks to Anna. Plus we love north county so much, no more driving across the county for Colt's swim lessons and Eric's haircuts, it would now all be in our neighborhood!


1. OUTDOOR JACUZZI for the backyard. Price: $5,000

2. SPRINTER VAN tricked out RV style for road trips. Price: $75,000

3. INDOOR BASKETBALL HALF COURT  like a granny flat, about 1600 square feet. Price: $150,000

4. VG'S DONUTS FOR LIFE dollar a day: one maple glazed, one cinnamon roll. 

5.  COURTSIDE SEATS FOR LAKERS & CLIPPERS GAMES a pair for 82 games. Price: $410,000



The Zone is a limited-time immersive fan experience dedicated to celebrating the iconic career of Britney Spears. This one-of-a-kind exhibit, for Britney Spears fans and pop-culture aficionados alike, promises to immerse fans in the life and legacy of the star and redefine “It’s Britney, Bitch!”  


Sexy Skin Tone Fishnet Tights that are crystallized all the way up to the high hip!


Hair color, cut & style, Makeup performed by one of her celebrity makeup artists, new wardrobe hand picked by Rachel Zoe


This exquisite three-bedroom rooftop villa is Japanese-inspired design at its best. Custom music, fine cuisine by Nobu chefs and spa services further sweeten the experience, while the outdoor deck is almost as extravagant as the interior with its garden, whirlpool, fire and water feature, full bar, dining area, barbecue pit and views over The Strip.


Full of exotic sea life from all around the world including reef sharks, rays, eels, the most beautiful fish on the planet, and only one of a special species called Octopus Wolfi - the world's smallest and cutest octopus! And I shall name it Squishy.


Redcat Racing Gen 8 Scout II 1:10 scale 4wd RC rock crawler. Price: $300

Enjoy crawling over the toughest obstacles in this realistic tenth scale radio controlled Scout II. Proper leaf springs, real 4wd, excellent bodywork and details, portal axles and IROK Super Swamper tires let you go damn near anywhere. And Redcat has made it waterproof, as well. 

2. Fisher Clutch Space Pen. Price: $52

Fisher makes many models and designs of pressurized writing instruments, including the original AG7 Space Pen, which went to the moon and back. This Fisher Clutch pen is a little larger, a little heavier and has a good, sturdy heft.  Designed for heavy field use, the Clutch pen features the same pressurized ink cartridge which allows it to write at any angle, and on most surfaces, in any temperature from -30F to +240F. The Clutch pen features a retractable cartridge and spring tension pocket clip. Optional engraving is encouraged, so you can be sure to get your pen back from those crafty thieves. I have mine filled with blue ink to facilitate signing legal documents.

3. Avet Raptor MXL6/4 Two Speed Lever Drag Fishing Reel. Price: $400

Smooth precision and infinitely castable with even the lightest bait, Avet brings two speed fish fighting ability with 31lb of dual lever drag to a spool width under 2". You will enjoy fishing so much more with this light and small reel, which can land some amazingly large fish, as it's rated for up to 65lb test. Want to throw a jig and need a fast retrieve? Avet has you covered with better than 6:1 coming home speed. Need to turn that big tuna around and point it toward the boat? Gear it down with a push of the button and grind it at 3.8:1. Magnetic cast control assures you of a trouble-free and backlash-free cast every time. Avet's Made in America fishing tools are available in many different colors to personalize your sportfishing experience.

4. Alpine Outfitters Urban Trail Dog Harness. Price : $39 and up.

Alpine Outfitters makes harnesses for sled dogs, urban mushing, dog sports and even plain old dog walking.  Alpine can custom craft a harness based on your exact dog measurements, or buy an off the shelf model and adjust to fit your pooch. Alpine Outfitters makes all of their products in Bend, Oregon and offers excellent customer support...I know, I've had mine repaired at no charge when a foster destroyed the harness clips. Alpine also makes excellent leashes, including the five foot aircraft cable model which is chew-proof and reflective for night walk visibility. Alpine harnesses offer your dog comfort and security for sport and walk time. A collar is good for identification, but should never be used for walking; they're not secure and can choke if he dog pulls. You and your best friends deserve the finest, and Alpine will make it just for you.

5. Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots. Price: $275

Rugged, long-wearing, comfortable and sure-footed are just a few of the excellent qualities in this Lowa boot. Every Lowa boot is made on a last, with predictable and repeatable fitment. For my Baldy hike, I had to purchase a brand new pair of Lowa boots, and I hiked up to 10,069 in my zero mile Lowas without a hint of discomfort. No rubbing, no chafing, no blisters...just real hiking enjoyment, except that part where I thought I'd have to poop on the trail. Made in Slovakia, so you can tell Xi Jinping to stuff his currency manipulating, intellectual property stealing clod-hoppers up where the sun doesn't shine. I add a pair of Superfeet insoles to give additional foot support.


1.Chocolate covered Apple. Price: $25 each

 2. Seven-night stay at The Golden Door Spa in Escondido. Price: $9850

3. Louis Vuitton suitcase. Price: $3,250.00

4. Two-week luxury vacation in New Zealand! Price: $10,000 (airfare not included)

5. Round trip airfare to New Zealand, first class. Price: $3,200.00


1. A black Valentino handbag with a matching wallet, has to be black has to have a matching wallet! Price: $2,000

2. A metallic black 2020 Range Rover Sport with a 2.0 liter hybrid engine. I want an almond leather interior with espresso trim and wood features. With all the fancy bells and whistles! Price: $108,000

3. Traeger Pro Series 780 Pellet Grill. The big one perfect for grilling hot dogs and smoking stuff! Price: $899

4. A Nintendo Switch because if Chaffin is going to game all the time I want to too! Price: $299

5. A QUEEN sized Sleep Number bed because we have slept on a crappy full sized mattress for too long! I need an adjustable base so I can lift Chaffin up when he snores!! Price: $5,000

Now it's time to vote for whos list would you want the most?

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