Police Find Dog Missing For Two Days Stuck Under Owner's Reclining Chair

A dog that was missing for two days never left its home. A 93-year-old woman from England was distraught over losing Toby, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Her friends, family, and neighbors helped search the neighborhood but had no luck locating Toby.

The woman called police twice to report Toby was missing. Authorities were concerned with how the woman was handling Toby's disappearance, so they sent over an officer to perform a wellness check.

While Police Constable Tammy Wood was speaking to the woman, she reached down to pick up something that had fallen on the floor. As she bent down near the woman's reclining chair, she saw Toby's face peering back at her.

Wood freed Toby and got him some food and water. Despite being stuck underneath the chair for two days, Toby was in good health and happy to be free.

"Both Toby and his owner appeared to be over the moon to be reunited, and it was clearly a huge relief for the woman. Her family, friends, and neighbors had all been out looking for Toby, but she was becoming ever more distressed as time went on, believing he had managed to get out, and fearing the worst," Wood said. "Our pets are companions and become members of the family. I'm just very pleased that we were able to put the woman's mind at rest and make sure her dog was safe."

Photo: Getty Images